The Practical and Aesthetic Benefits of Aluminum Metal Roofing

Have you ever wondered why aluminum metal roofs are so popular?

Even if it’s never found in nature in a pure state (it usually forms compounds with other elements), aluminum is a metallic chemical element that abounds on the Earth. As a matter of fact, the Earth’s crust has more aluminum than any other metallic elements.  It is a silvery-white, non-magnetic metal that has a very light weight but also a durable characteristic. Aluminum is also a good conductor of heat and electricity and is inherently safe and non-toxic.

This metal is also environmentally friendly. Aluminum is very recyclable and is energy-efficient. Today, it is used in a variety of application: from home window frames to railway carriages. Furthermore, aluminum is also a good metal roofing material. Because of its admirable characteristics, aluminum metal roofing is now widely installed on a lot of residential or commercial buildings in different parts of the world.

Aluminum metal roofing services have gained popularity due to its various benefits and advantages. It may be a little more expensive than other metal roofing materials, like steel; nevertheless, many people still opt to install aluminum roofs. Who can blame them? Aluminum roofs are corrosion-resistant, malleable, and very stylish!

The Practical Benefits of Aluminum Metal Roofing

Installing aluminum roofs has plenty of practical benefits.  First of all, it is one dependable roofing material. Homeowners who are looking for strong and durable roofs, installing either aluminum roofing shingles or aluminum roofing panels is always a good option. And because aluminum is lightweight, the whole roofing system avoids putting pressure on the building’s structure. But despite this, aluminum metal roofs do not easily give up to strong winds and threatening heavy downpour. For example, corrugated aluminum roofing sheets, once they are securely installed adjacent to one another, can withstand powerful gales, creating an ideal shelter structure for people living in hurricane- and tornado-prone areas.

Also, aluminum metal roofs are resistant to rusting. In fact, among all the various metal roofing materials, aluminum is probably the most resistant to corrosion. One amazing quality of aluminum is its ability to generate an oxide layer when it is exposed to air. This layer protects the metal from factors that trigger rusting, like oxygen. However, some manufacturers still release galvanized aluminum roofing  (zinc-coated aluminum roofing sheets) on the market. Zinc makes aluminum sturdier and longer lasting.

Aluminum metal roofing is also easy to install and to maintain. All aluminum roofs are designed for easy installation. Because of its weight, aluminum may be installed over other types of roofs or shingles. Most of all, because of its amazing durability and strength, it requires little maintenance. One does not need to spend a lot of money repairing or replacing roofs every other year, which is the usual scenario with other types of roofing systems.

The Aesthetic Benefits of Aluminum Metal Roofing

Aside from the practical benefits of aluminum metal roofs, people also choose this roofing system because of its aesthetic features. Aluminum roofs look good on any style of house: from townhouses to huge manors. Perhaps one of the things that keep this roof very appealing to the eye is the variety of metal roofing color options. Some of the popular color choices for aluminum metal roofs are forest green, dawn green, regal brown, mission red and copper.

More often than not, a simple aluminum metal roofing system is used in residential buildings. Bigger buildings, on the other hand, like stadiums, auditoriums, airports and conference centers, use a stronger, more complicated version of this roof: the aluminum roof cladding. This is an alloy of aluminum, manganese and magnesium that is known for its exceptional tightness, welding performance and flexibility.

As mentioned, aluminum is a little expensive as compared to other metal roofing materials. This being so, it is important that the installation be given proper attention. Remember that a faulty method of installation may make metal roofs susceptible to damage and decreasing quality, resulting in expensive maintenance and repairs. This rarely happens if the roof is appropriately installed by a professional service-provider.