Home Improvement: 5 Genius Gardening Tips for a Beautiful Garden

Gardening is a wonderful way to brighten up your garden or the outdoor and indoor space and improve the home. With only a little step and effort to start, home gardening, whether on your backyard or front yard or indoor spaces, can go a long way. Here are 5 genius and fantastic ways to make your garden more beautiful and attractive, and relaxing, too:

  1. Plant Flowers and flowering plants

A wide range of plants and herbs produce beautiful flowers. If you want your garden to become attractive in varieties of colors, you may sow several annual plants and perennial flowering plants like Sunflowers, Marigolds, Hydrangeas, and more. Herbal plants also have beautiful blooms, and they are perfect for any home gardening projects for home improvement.

  1. Keep weeds away

A weed-free garden is a beautiful garden. There are simple ways to control weeds and keep them from growing in your garden. Mulching the soil helps keep the weeds away. You can simply use straws, hays, wood chips and newspapers in mulching. These will also keep the plants clean and reduce fungi for a healthier garden. The hays and wood chips and newspapers also serve as compost while they prevent weeds away.

  1. Create a theme with same flower color or foliage

Whether you are using unique containers, flower beds, or specific areas in your backyard and front yard, grouping your flowering plants into same foliage and color is very attractive. A large container can be used for mass planting of flowering plants with similar shades and hues. If you already have different types of flowers in your yard, you may choose to move them around and put the same colors in one spot or the same types in one area.

  1. Decorate your garden with artistic planting

Decorative items will beautify your garden. Whether you use recycled materials or create your own items, you will surely give your garden the most attractive boost for home improvement. It is best if you will base your garden arts on your personality. Colorful pots and planters can be used as decorative items, too.

  1. Avoid the clutter

To make your garden beautiful, avoid clutters. There are many ways to keep small spaces ideal for home gardening. You can grow plants vertically by hanging pots in a corner or by planting different kinds of herbs, vegetables, and flowering plants vertically. Walls, railings, and wood pallets, and hanging baskets can be used on the garden to keep plants organized and avoid the clutter.

There are probably some instances wherein sunlight is not easily accessible. If this is the case, you can still make your garden at home beautiful and colorful by simply choosing variegated foliage and flowering plants. There are plenty of ornamental varieties to choose from, as well as seasonal flowering plants. They are guaranteed effective in turning your gardens, outdoor or indoor, more improved. For simple but attractive home improvement, consider these effective and genius gardening tips and make your spaces more beautiful and brighter.

The Practical and Aesthetic Benefits of Aluminum Metal Roofing

Have you ever wondered why aluminum metal roofs are so popular?

Even if it’s never found in nature in a pure state (it usually forms compounds with other elements), aluminum is a metallic chemical element that abounds on the Earth. As a matter of fact, the Earth’s crust has more aluminum than any other metallic elements.  It is a silvery-white, non-magnetic metal that has a very light weight but also a durable characteristic. Aluminum is also a good conductor of heat and electricity and is inherently safe and non-toxic.

This metal is also environmentally friendly. Aluminum is very recyclable and is energy-efficient. Today, it is used in a variety of application: from home window frames to railway carriages. Furthermore, aluminum is also a good metal roofing material. Because of its admirable characteristics, aluminum metal roofing is now widely installed on a lot of residential or commercial buildings in different parts of the world.

Aluminum metal roofing services have gained popularity due to its various benefits and advantages. It may be a little more expensive than other metal roofing materials, like steel; nevertheless, many people still opt to install aluminum roofs. Who can blame them? Aluminum roofs are corrosion-resistant, malleable, and very stylish!

The Practical Benefits of Aluminum Metal Roofing

Installing aluminum roofs has plenty of practical benefits.  First of all, it is one dependable roofing material. Homeowners who are looking for strong and durable roofs, installing either aluminum roofing shingles or aluminum roofing panels is always a good option. And because aluminum is lightweight, the whole roofing system avoids putting pressure on the building’s structure. But despite this, aluminum metal roofs do not easily give up to strong winds and threatening heavy downpour. For example, corrugated aluminum roofing sheets, once they are securely installed adjacent to one another, can withstand powerful gales, creating an ideal shelter structure for people living in hurricane- and tornado-prone areas.

Also, aluminum metal roofs are resistant to rusting. In fact, among all the various metal roofing materials, aluminum is probably the most resistant to corrosion. One amazing quality of aluminum is its ability to generate an oxide layer when it is exposed to air. This layer protects the metal from factors that trigger rusting, like oxygen. However, some manufacturers still release galvanized aluminum roofing  (zinc-coated aluminum roofing sheets) on the market. Zinc makes aluminum sturdier and longer lasting.

Aluminum metal roofing is also easy to install and to maintain. All aluminum roofs are designed for easy installation. Because of its weight, aluminum may be installed over other types of roofs or shingles. Most of all, because of its amazing durability and strength, it requires little maintenance. One does not need to spend a lot of money repairing or replacing roofs every other year, which is the usual scenario with other types of roofing systems.

The Aesthetic Benefits of Aluminum Metal Roofing

Aside from the practical benefits of aluminum metal roofs, people also choose this roofing system because of its aesthetic features. Aluminum roofs look good on any style of house: from townhouses to huge manors. Perhaps one of the things that keep this roof very appealing to the eye is the variety of metal roofing color options. Some of the popular color choices for aluminum metal roofs are forest green, dawn green, regal brown, mission red and copper.

More often than not, a simple aluminum metal roofing system is used in residential buildings. Bigger buildings, on the other hand, like stadiums, auditoriums, airports and conference centers, use a stronger, more complicated version of this roof: the aluminum roof cladding. This is an alloy of aluminum, manganese and magnesium that is known for its exceptional tightness, welding performance and flexibility.

As mentioned, aluminum is a little expensive as compared to other metal roofing materials. This being so, it is important that the installation be given proper attention. Remember that a faulty method of installation may make metal roofs susceptible to damage and decreasing quality, resulting in expensive maintenance and repairs. This rarely happens if the roof is appropriately installed by a professional service-provider.

How To Clean My Roof Without Chemicals?

roof cleaning without chemicalsThe roof over your head is very important and it needs proper care and maintenance in order to protect you and your family members from the perils of the weather. As the roof is exposed to sun, rain, snow, and ice during various seasons, it needs to be cleaned and treated in order to offer the necessary protection for the home. Maintaining the roof is a very important thing that every homeowner must look into whenever he thinks of home improvement.

There is every chance for organisms like algae, moss, and lichens to form on the roof. If they are left untreated, they can eat the roof and cause severe damages. According to the Minnesota Roofers Column, in order to prevent this, roof cleaning has to be done. There are any ways by which you can clean the roof. If you do not want to use harsh chemicals on your roof, then you can make use of eco-friendly products or other methods to clean the roof.

Low pressure roof cleaning

One of the best options to clean the roof without causing damage to the roof is the low-pressure roof cleaning method. Many of the leading roof cleaning experts make use of eco-friendly products that are free from any chemicals to clean the roof. These products are not applied directly to the roof. Instead, they are diluted with water and poured into the water can of the low-pressure water spraying machine. They will spray the treated water on the damaged or polluted areas of the roof so that the vegetation is totally removed. By doing so, the roof will not be damaged as there is no use of brushes or scrubbing techniques to get rid of the microorganisms.

The results that you get from this method are instantaneous and complete.

  • The fungi, algae, and lichens will be removed completely.
  • There will be no damage to the roof and the shingles.

Using chemical free products

There are plenty of chemical-free roof cleaning products on offer in the market today. All of these products are ecologically-friendly and are free from harsh chemicals. Hence, they will not cause any damage to the roof or the hands of the user. These products will prevent the further formation of algae or fungi on the roof. There are some eco-friendly roof cares products that you just need to spray on top of the roof. They will work slowly and prevent the growth of molds and mildew on the roof for a couple of years and more.

Hire eco-friendly roof cleaners

If you do not have the time to carry out roof cleaning as a DIY task, then you can hire the best eco-friendly roofing contractors in your area to do the job for you. Ensure that they have the necessary tools and equipment and the safety harness with them before you hand over the roof cleaning job for them. They must be using chemical free products to work on the roof and must have the experience and the certification to do the perfect cleaning job on the roof.

Simple Guide To Help Design Your Garden

When you have ample space in your property, you can make the best use of it by designing a beautiful garden. It will make your property very attractive and you will be able to increase the value of your property when you have a well-maintained garden. You need not spend lots of money in the process and do with whatever you can spare. All it needs is some effort and proper planning to get a working garden in a few weeks. To begin with, you have to analyze your resources and go ahead with the design for the garden.

gardening guide
Plan your garden according to resources

The first thing you have to take into consideration is the available space in your property for the garden. After that, you should allocate a budget for the task and begin to work on the design according to that plan. If you are not able to develop the entire space, you can even choose a small area of the garden and develop it properly. In this way, you can manage the project within your budget. Once this is done, you should think about the kind of flowers and vegetables you want to have in your garden. When it comes to vegetables, you should put something that will be used by your family on a regular basis. Do not get over enthusiastic about it and plant too many of them. If you are not able to consume all of them, it will become a waste. You can also plan for a pool area if you have enough space and budget for the project. The rest of the vacant space can be used as a lawn and you can grow some grass in this place.

When it comes to vegetables, you should put something that will be used by your family on a regular basis. Do not get over enthusiastic about it and plant too many of them. If you are not able to consume all of them, it will become a waste. You can also plan for a pool area if you have enough space and budget for the project. The rest of the vacant space can be used as a lawn and you can grow some grass in this place.

Get the required gardening accessories

It is equally important to maintain your garden in good shape once you have developed it. In this regard, you will need various tools and you should get them before you begin the project. If you do not have enough expertise in handling them, you can use an automated watering system such as a tractor watering sprinkler, take the help of professional gardeners and get to know more things about them. This should also include the pipes needed to water your garden all the way. If you have a decent budget for the project, you can even choose the automatic watering systems like sprinklers that will keep your garden in good condition throughout the year.

Furnish your garden with a proper theme

After completing your gardening project, you would like to sit there for some time and enjoy the view of the garden. In this regard, you should put some furniture in the garden that will allow your family and friends to enjoy some quality time in the garden. Make sure that you choose good quality furniture that can withstand the outdoor temperature and other conditions like rain and wind without any problem.
When you design your garden in this manner, you will be able to get the best value out of the space and all your efforts towards maintaining the garden will be fruitful in the long run.


Are you looking for a roofing material that is durable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and relatively affordable? Look no further. We have made intensive research and now bring to you, a range of the right eco-friendly roof and add-ons for your home and budget.

  • White Roof aka Cool Roof: This is a light colored or white roof that is made of any material, ranging from asphalt shingles to white metals. One of its most crucial features is that it cools the temperature of the roof by reflecting the rays of the sun away from the house, thereby keeping the interior of the house cool as well. Cool Roofs is also one of the least expensive Eco-friendly roofing options in the market.


– It is relatively affordable.

– It reflects the rays of the sun away from the house, thereby keeping the interior of the house cool as well.


– Despite the fact that it is a cool roof, its asphalt shingles type is not entirely eco-friendly. This is because asphalt shingles are made from petroleum and are nearly impossible to recycle. However, the metal roof in white will be a better option.

  • Standing Seam Metal Roof: This is a metal roof that is green in color. It is extremely durable, long lasting, light reflective and fully recyclable. It is a worthy investment for anyone. However, if you do not particularly fancy the green color of this roof, you can choose a metal roof that is made with recycled content, and that comes in a lighter color. Although it is more expensive than asphalt shingles, it is relatively cheaper than copper and slate.

metal roof installed


– It is extremely durable and long lasting.

– It is light reflective and fully recyclable.


– It is more expensive than asphalt shingles.

– If your house is situated in an area that experiences heavy snowfall, you must include a plan for dealing with snow. This is because it slides right off the metal roofs and potentially creates huge drifts around the perimeter of the house.

  • Sustainable Wood Shake or Shingle Roof: The natural and biodegradable wood shingles that come from sustainably managed forests are a good option if you already have your heart set on the classic look of wood shingles. However, wood shingles are highly flammable, therefore they may be restricted in some areas where the danger of fire breakouts is high. They are also somewhat expensive; the cost is almost the same with the metal roofing. They last for just about 15 to 25 years, whereas metal roofs can last 40 to 50 years.


– Wood shingles are natural and biodegradable.


– They are highly flammable.

– They are fairly expensive, way costlier than the asphalt shingles.

– They do not last long ( just about 15 to 25 years) when compared to metal roofs ( about 40 to 50 years).

  • Reclaimed Clay or Slate Tile Roof: The clay and slay tiles have a long history in roofing and are still highly craved for today. Nothing complements a Spanish style home better than the classic curve of red clay tiles, and slate goes a long way to enhance the look of elegant historic homes. They are natural and very durable. They are popular for being even longer lasting than metal roofs; clay and slate tiles have the ability to last up to 100 years. Clay tiles offer cool roof benefits, and can also be found in lighter colors. The salvaged tile is the best eco-friendly option because it keeps the usable tile out of landfills.

reclaimed clay roof tile

A downturn to clay and slate tiles, however, is that they are very expensive, costing twice as much per square foot as metal roofing. Tiles are also very heavy; this entails that some reinforcement of the roof is normally needed, and this adds to the cost. Regular maintenance costs are also inevitable for the replacement of chipped and broken tiles.


– They are natural and durable.

– They are popular for being even longer lasting than metal roofs; clay and slate tiles have the ability to last up to 100 years.

– They offer cool roof benefits.


– They are very expensive.

– Tiles are also massive; this entails that some reinforcement of the roof is generally needed, and this adds to the cost.

– Regular maintenance costs are also inevitable for the replacement of chipped and broken tiles.

  • Recycled-Content Shingle Roof: There has been a rise in the number of shingles that have recycled contents in the market today. These range from those that copy the look of cedar shakes to recycled slate looking shingles. These choices provide a pleasing lower cost alternative to the expensive slate and sustainable wood, while still offering eco-friendly benefits, such as a manufacturer’s recycling program and a fifty-year product life span. However, none of the recycled-content shingles that are available in the market today come in white color. Therefore, the cooling benefits may not be optimum, though this may change as new products are continuously being developed. You’ll want to hire the right roofing company to install architectural shingles.


– They are eco-friendly.

– They are relatively cheaper than most of the other roofing options.

– They have a fifty-year product lifespan.


– None of the recycled-content shingles that are available in the market today come in white color. Therefore the cooling benefits may not be optimum.

Having seen a list of our best eco-friendly roofing options, we have no doubt that you will make the right choice for your house.


Which Roof To Choose – A Green Roof Or Cool Roof?

There are many different options that you will come across when you are looking for a new roof. You might find metals, shingles, thermoplastic, green roofs, EPDM, etc., when it comes to roofs. Each of these roofs has their own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, you should choose a roof depending on your needs, budget, the type of climate you experience in your area and the looks that you want to give your home. The modern day homeowners are thinking on the lines of green roofs or cool roofs. The cool roofs will help in reflecting the sun’s rays and therefore will send the heat back to the atmosphere. The green roofs will absorb the heat and the light of the sun before it gets into the building.

green roof

A Few Roofing Options to Consider

The cool roofs and the green roofs are both viable options and are made mainly in buildings that are located in highly populous regions. They will help the building to stay cool by getting rid of the heat island effect. The parking lots, rooftops and streets are some of the main contributors to the heat island effect and they can increase the roof temperature by many degrees than the ambient temperature. The green roofs are a very good option as they help in stabilizing the air over the building and therefore the temperature of the air will be close to the ambient temperature. Here are a 3 major to consider when getting a new roof provided by Livenedup.com.

Advantages of Cool and Green Roofs

The green or the cool roofs are known to decrease the need for using air conditioners and will also help in decreasing the temperature of the roof.

  1. The cool and the green roofs are environmentally safe as they will lower the electricity needs ad reduce the air temperature.
  2. The life of the roofing system can be greatly increased with the use of green roofs as they will prevent the UV rays of the sun from hitting the roof surface directly.
  3. The green roofs will reduce the noise penetration to a greater extent and will offer protection from hails and storms.
  4. The green roofs add to the aesthetic appeal of the building and it can turn out to be a rich habitat for birds and insects.

Which Roof is a Better Option?

The important factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing cool and green roofs is the energy savings and the cost of installation. The installation of a cool roof is more or less similar to that of a non cool roof. It offers very good energy savings even during the hot climates. The green roofs are a bit costly, but there are certain incentives given by the certain state governments to offset its installation costs. You need to install a roof membrane when installing green roofs to prevent leaks and seepages from the vegetation grown on the roof. Also, you will have to bear the costs for removing the vegetation when you have to carry out the repairs on the roof. It is better to seek help from roofing contractors to find which of the roof type is ideal for your property.

Best Home Construction in Turkey

Can i buy a property in Turkey?

Property ownership in Turkey can be obtained by foreign nationals (real persons) as well as foreign companies following the bilateral agreements between countries and legal framework for property ownership in Turkey. Both Turkish and foreign owners can complete the process.

Is buying a property in Turkey a difficult process?

If you think buying a property in Turkey is a difficult process, you may have been given wrong information. Although the process can vary from the one in your country, it is relatively straightforward. When purchasing our apartment or villa in Alanya be sure to have a a legal representative to help.

Are our properties freehold or leasehold type?

All our properties are freehold type. The ownership is declared by Title Deed (called Tapu in Turkish) which is issued on your name.

How long can it take until the purchase is completed?

The whole purchase process untill getting the Title Deed can take 3 ? 5 months. It is caused by gaining a permit from Turkish Military Central Office in Izmir. This stage of buying process has become a necessary formality just to approve that the property is in good condition.

What type of properties in Alanya do you offer for sale?

properties in Alanya

Nowadays, there are four residential projects on sale in our portfolio. They include fully reconstructed two-bedroom apartments with slate roofing tiles at Cleopatra Beach, two-bedroom apartments and four-bedroom penthouses in Alanya city, stylish seaview apartments in Konak.

Is it possible to see the properties before purchase?

Of course, it is possible to see our properties in Alanya before you decide about purchase and we recommend you to do so. There is no better way how to gain authentic impression about the project, the area and its ambiance. Here you can find more about purchasing.

How can i finance the property in Turkey?

Except for the financing options in your country, it is possible to finance a property in Turkey by a mortgage from a Turkish Bank. There are several Turkish banks which enable foreigners to apply for a mortgage and we may offer you our assistance on most aspects.

When do i pay?

To your best convenience, we always discuss the payment possibilities and set a customized payment plan for each individual customer. The plan mostly enables to divide the purchase price into several partial payments during the time of purchase process.

Where do i start?

As buying a home abroad is a long-term commitment, you should first of all choose a high-quality property to buy. Since 1994 we have provided an enjoyable holiday home in Alanya to hundreds of satisfied customers who has put their trust in us.

What do i need if i decide to buy a property in Turkey?

Once you choose your desired apartment or villa in Alanya, we will need your passport to take copies of it for necessary applications, your tax number in Turkey which we help you to obtain and 6 passport format photos of you.

Are there any other expenses of the purchase except the purchase price?

Generally there are several exenses applied to a property purchase in Turkey. They are the conveyance tax (3,3 % of the stated property value), completion report (Iskan, from 350 euro depending on the size and location of the property), & electricity.

When can i move in?

Buying our property in Alanya you do not have to wait until your Title Deed is delivered to move in and enjoy your holiday home in Turkey. You may move in as soon as the first payment is made in case the construction is finished.



Things To Know Before Hiring A Hoover Roofing Company

There are several things you should know about roof repairs before you choose a Hoover roofing company near you. You must understand that roofs can be easily repaired when the damage is not too much. In usual cases, roofs last for many decades without any problem. However, in Hoover, Alabama they tend to get damaged early due to external weather conditions like rain, snow, hail and wind. If you take good care to maintain them properly, they will last longer and give full value for your investment. In rainy season, you must ensure that the roofs are kept clean so that water does not log easily on the surface. When water logging happens, it will lead to leakages and damage the roof. However, you can easily hire a professional roofer to fix the leaking roof.

alabama hoover roofing company

It is always a good option to carefully consider these factors while choosing the roofing contractors for your home.

  • Remember that you can do the repairs yourself.
  • Consider the benefits of hiring a professional roofer to do the job.
  • Always fix the contract with a deadline.
  • To verify their previous projects.

1. Do it yourself approach

Remember that it is also possible to do the repairs yourself. When you have a small damage that is causing a leakage, you can easily fix it with the materials available in the market. You will need to put in some efforts to fix the roof and it will not have any problems for many years. However, this can also be risky if you are not having a good experience in repairs. You must also consider the safety issues while trying to do the repairs. If you are not sure about your efficiency, it is always better to go with professional roofers even though it will cost you some money. We do not recommend this approach.

2. The benefits of choosing a professional

The professional roofers will have many years of experience and can easily handle the job without any hassles. They will also be sure about what materials to use for fixing the roof. In this regard, they will do the job efficiently and you will get good value for the investment. They are also trained to handle the risks in a professional manner and come with all the required safety harness to complete the job. They will also complete the job in quick time and you need not worry about anything once you outsource the contract to professional roofers. Accoding to the experts at Improvenet.com, “…most roofing estimates exceed $6000.”

3. Roofing Project Deadline

When you hire professional roofers, always make sure that you have a fixed deadline to complete the task. Usually, you will not have any issues with reputed companies as they will be very professional in their approach. But when you hire freelance roofers, you will need to be strict with deadline and ensure that they complete the task in time.

4. Ask for references – Previous customer testimonials

When you check out their previous projects, you will get a fair idea about their quality of work. In this manner, you can be sure that you are dealing with a professional company and they will give you the best service.

When you follow these simple guidelines, you will not face any issues with roofing contractors. You can easily get the job done in quick time without any hassles.