How To Clean My Roof Without Chemicals?

roof cleaning without chemicalsThe roof over your head is very important and it needs proper care and maintenance in order to protect you and your family members from the perils of the weather. As the roof is exposed to sun, rain, snow, and ice during various seasons, it needs to be cleaned and treated in order to offer the necessary protection for the home. Maintaining the roof is a very important thing that every homeowner must look into whenever he thinks of home improvement.

There is every chance for organisms like algae, moss, and lichens to form on the roof. If they are left untreated, they can eat the roof and cause severe damages. According to the Minnesota Roofers Column, in order to prevent this, roof cleaning has to be done. There are any ways by which you can clean the roof. If you do not want to use harsh chemicals on your roof, then you can make use of eco-friendly products or other methods to clean the roof.

Low pressure roof cleaning

One of the best options to clean the roof without causing damage to the roof is the low-pressure roof cleaning method. Many of the leading roof cleaning experts make use of eco-friendly products that are free from any chemicals to clean the roof. These products are not applied directly to the roof. Instead, they are diluted with water and poured into the water can of the low-pressure water spraying machine. They will spray the treated water on the damaged or polluted areas of the roof so that the vegetation is totally removed. By doing so, the roof will not be damaged as there is no use of brushes or scrubbing techniques to get rid of the microorganisms.

The results that you get from this method are instantaneous and complete.

  • The fungi, algae, and lichens will be removed completely.
  • There will be no damage to the roof and the shingles.

Using chemical free products

There are plenty of chemical-free roof cleaning products on offer in the market today. All of these products are ecologically-friendly and are free from harsh chemicals. Hence, they will not cause any damage to the roof or the hands of the user. These products will prevent the further formation of algae or fungi on the roof. There are some eco-friendly roof cares products that you just need to spray on top of the roof. They will work slowly and prevent the growth of molds and mildew on the roof for a couple of years and more.

Hire eco-friendly roof cleaners

If you do not have the time to carry out roof cleaning as a DIY task, then you can hire the best eco-friendly roofing contractors in your area to do the job for you. Ensure that they have the necessary tools and equipment and the safety harness with them before you hand over the roof cleaning job for them. They must be using chemical free products to work on the roof and must have the experience and the certification to do the perfect cleaning job on the roof.