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Can i buy a property in Turkey?

Property ownership in Turkey can be obtained by foreign nationals (real persons) as well as foreign companies following the bilateral agreements between countries and legal framework for property ownership in Turkey. Both Turkish and foreign owners can complete the process.

Is buying a property in Turkey a difficult process?

If you think buying a property in Turkey is a difficult process, you may have been given wrong information. Although the process can vary from the one in your country, it is relatively straightforward. When purchasing our apartment or villa in Alanya be sure to have a a legal representative to help.

Are our properties freehold or leasehold type?

All our properties are freehold type. The ownership is declared by Title Deed (called Tapu in Turkish) which is issued on your name.

How long can it take until the purchase is completed?

The whole purchase process untill getting the Title Deed can take 3 ? 5 months. It is caused by gaining a permit from Turkish Military Central Office in Izmir. This stage of buying process has become a necessary formality just to approve that the property is in good condition.

What type of properties in Alanya do you offer for sale?

properties in Alanya

Nowadays, there are four residential projects on sale in our portfolio. They include fully reconstructed two-bedroom apartments with slate roofing tiles at Cleopatra Beach, two-bedroom apartments and four-bedroom penthouses in Alanya city, stylish seaview apartments in Konak.

Is it possible to see the properties before purchase?

Of course, it is possible to see our properties in Alanya before you decide about purchase and we recommend you to do so. There is no better way how to gain authentic impression about the project, the area and its ambiance. Here you can find more about purchasing.

How can i finance the property in Turkey?

Except for the financing options in your country, it is possible to finance a property in Turkey by a mortgage from a Turkish Bank. There are several Turkish banks which enable foreigners to apply for a mortgage and we may offer you our assistance on most aspects.

When do i pay?

To your best convenience, we always discuss the payment possibilities and set a customized payment plan for each individual customer. The plan mostly enables to divide the purchase price into several partial payments during the time of purchase process.

Where do i start?

As buying a home abroad is a long-term commitment, you should first of all choose a high-quality property to buy. Since 1994 we have provided an enjoyable holiday home in Alanya to hundreds of satisfied customers who has put their trust in us.

What do i need if i decide to buy a property in Turkey?

Once you choose your desired apartment or villa in Alanya, we will need your passport to take copies of it for necessary applications, your tax number in Turkey which we help you to obtain and 6 passport format photos of you.

Are there any other expenses of the purchase except the purchase price?

Generally there are several exenses applied to a property purchase in Turkey. They are the conveyance tax (3,3 % of the stated property value), completion report (Iskan, from 350 euro depending on the size and location of the property), & electricity.

When can i move in?

Buying our property in Alanya you do not have to wait until your Title Deed is delivered to move in and enjoy your holiday home in Turkey. You may move in as soon as the first payment is made in case the construction is finished.