Which Roof To Choose – A Green Roof Or Cool Roof?

There are many different options that you will come across when you are looking for a new roof. You might find metals, shingles, thermoplastic, green roofs, EPDM, etc., when it comes to roofs. Each of these roofs has their own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, you should choose a roof depending on your needs, budget, the type of climate you experience in your area and the looks that you want to give your home. The modern day homeowners are thinking on the lines of green roofs or cool roofs. The cool roofs will help in reflecting the sun’s rays and therefore will send the heat back to the atmosphere. The green roofs will absorb the heat and the light of the sun before it gets into the building.

green roof

A Few Roofing Options to Consider

The cool roofs and the green roofs are both viable options and are made mainly in buildings that are located in highly populous regions. They will help the building to stay cool by getting rid of the heat island effect. The parking lots, rooftops and streets are some of the main contributors to the heat island effect and they can increase the roof temperature by many degrees than the ambient temperature. The green roofs are a very good option as they help in stabilizing the air over the building and therefore the temperature of the air will be close to the ambient temperature. Here are a 3 major to consider when getting a new roof provided by Livenedup.com.

Advantages of Cool and Green Roofs

The green or the cool roofs are known to decrease the need for using air conditioners and will also help in decreasing the temperature of the roof.

  1. The cool and the green roofs are environmentally safe as they will lower the electricity needs ad reduce the air temperature.
  2. The life of the roofing system can be greatly increased with the use of green roofs as they will prevent the UV rays of the sun from hitting the roof surface directly.
  3. The green roofs will reduce the noise penetration to a greater extent and will offer protection from hails and storms.
  4. The green roofs add to the aesthetic appeal of the building and it can turn out to be a rich habitat for birds and insects.

Which Roof is a Better Option?

The important factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing cool and green roofs is the energy savings and the cost of installation. The installation of a cool roof is more or less similar to that of a non cool roof. It offers very good energy savings even during the hot climates. The green roofs are a bit costly, but there are certain incentives given by the certain state governments to offset its installation costs. You need to install a roof membrane when installing green roofs to prevent leaks and seepages from the vegetation grown on the roof. Also, you will have to bear the costs for removing the vegetation when you have to carry out the repairs on the roof. It is better to seek help from roofing contractors to find which of the roof type is ideal for your property.